About The California Monument Association

California Monument Association


            The California Monument Association is a diverse coalition of dealers, fabricators, granite suppliers and equipment manufactures. The association is primarily composed of California monument entrepreneurs supported by the US industry leaders in granite, supplies and tools. Together we share ideas, new technology, marketing skills, and strengthen our knowledge of a trade that is historically preserved in granite and marble. Together we reflect on our past experiences in the development of a bigger, better and brighter future for the monument industry.



            We meet in various locations at least 2 times per year. Hands on training is usual done at a members location. For our joint conventions with the Pacific Northwest Monument Association and the California Monument Association.



            Since 1939, the California Monument Association has been promoting and aiding retail monument companies. Through legislative initiatives, education sessions and conferences, CMA helps each of its members become stronger and better educated. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • 1947- District Cemeteries and officers prevented from selling memorials.
  • 1977- Cemeteries may not require a memorial be purchased through the cemetery.
  • 1998- Prevailed on SCI to allow families to order placement of memorials in their cemeteries to complete paperwork with independent memorialist.
  • 2003- Participated in the working group of California Senate Committee on Local Government, which produces SB-341, making extensive changes to the Health and Safety Code. Preserved protections for independent memorialist.


            Your membership in CMA comes with many forms of value. The following are just a few of those benefits which you can receive as a member:

Referrals from member in other cities and states.

Updates on State and Federal legislation pertaining to our industry.

Hands on training: Sandblasting, rock pitching, and the quarry process.

Educational classes: Business and computer training, photo scanning for ceramics and photo etch applications.

Company listing on CMA’s website.

Discuss tricks of the trade and money saving ideas and techniques.

Meeting with the manufacturer of trade products at meetings and conventions.

Round table discussions.

Safety Topics on CMA web Site and MSDS

Personal Profile Web Page



            To apply for membership in the California Monument Association just request a “New Member Packet” Or Apply online,  New Member Packets will be sent directly to your address



            Contact the CMA at Santa Barbara Monumental and request your packet. You may contact Santa Barbara Monumental using the following;

Phone:             805-966-7373

Email:              jed@sbmonumental.com

Website:          www.californiamonumnet.org

Address:          Santa Barbara Monumental

                        3 North Milpas Street

                        Santa Barbara, CA 93103


Once you have received the packet, please read the information it contains to reaffirm your desire to be a member. Enclosed you will find an “Application For Membership”. Complete the application and return it to the above address. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your new membership. It’s that easy. Don’t wait to join, members are expanding their business every day with CMA shared knowledge, experience and wisdom.