Consumer Information:

What you should know

Most cemeteries have rules and regulation regarding memorial work. It is important for those planning memorialization to seek the expert advice of an experienced memorialist, not only regarding rules but the type of memorial best suited to interpret the wishes of the family. While the selection of a memorial should not be postponed it is wise not to be hurried into a decision.

Do not be deceived by “cut-rate” prices. They are seldom if ever a bargain. Remember that a monument purchase cannot be discarded or exchanged once it is placed in the cemetery.

Remember, too, that refinement, significance, and beauty in a memorial are the result of careful study on the part of the experienced memorialist to interpret your wishes in the most artistic manner. Dollars and cents do not measure these attributes. They are as important in designing a modest headstone as in the costliest mausoleum.

What to look for in a Monument Retailer/Builder

A stable and honest business reputation, with a full-time commitment to designing, producing and selling memorials. You want a firm that was in business yesterday and will be in business tomorrow.

An attractive display where you may view a selection of memorials in different sizes, colors, materials, and styles.

The ability to listen…to counsel…to help you create a memorial that is artistically designed and personalized.

Knowledge of your cemetery’s rules and regulations governing types and sizes of memorials.

Consumer Help

For additional help with cemeteries and funeral homes, the California Department of Consumer Affairs has formed the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. They can be contacted at: Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, 400 R Street, Suite 3080, Sacramento, CA 95814, (916) 322-7737 or

The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau also provides a “Consumer Guide to Funeral and Cemetery Purchases.” A copy can be downloaded at

Other organizations exist that have information useful to consumers. Here is a partial list below, with links to their web sites: