2020 CMA/PNMBA convention 




Meet  manufacturers

Enjoy the Classroom and Hands-on Training you’ll be able to meet and visit over your vendors.

See the latest products

During the conference, you will get to see the latest products from all of the exhibitors.

You will have the opportunity to interact and learn from other monument dealers and stay current with the industry.




Our retail attendees have the option of choosing between a day pass to enjoy our convention for a short while, or to register to participate for the full duration.


In advance: $210.00 per person
At the door: $250.00 per person

March AFB Musuem 15.00 per person

Hotel Rate 169.00 Per Night


At the door: $120.00 per person (check only)

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Who and what is California Monument Association

The California Monument Association is a diverse coalition of dealers, fabricators, granite suppliers and equipment manufacturers. The association is primarily composed of California monument entrepreneurs supported by the US industry leaders in granite, supplies , nd tools. Together we share ideas, new technology, marketing skills, and strengthen our knowledge of a trade that is historically preserved in granite and marble. Together we reflect on our past experiences in the development of a bigger, better and brighter future for the monument industry.


What are the costs involved in attending?

Our retailer guests can choose between a full registration or day pass. Manufacturers and suppliers (Exhibitors) pay for registration fees plus booth space. . Everyone is, of course, responsible for the hotel costs, travel, and incidentals. 

What is the difference between Full Registration and a Day Pass?

Full registration gives you access to all events including entrance into the display area, educational program(s), plus two receptions: one luncheon and one banquet. A day pass is for one specific day. It gives you entrance into the exhibit area. No meals are included in the day pass. Meal tickets are available at the door for a fee. Lunch buffet or Banquet tickets (which includes 2 drink tickets.) *Please note* These fees do not cover our hotel costs for the meals.

Should I pre-register?

Yes, if at all possible. Pre-registering helps the committee to have your packets ready when you check in at the registration desk. Registration rates may be higher for those who register at the door.

Can I pay by check? If so, who do I make my check(s) out to?

You can pay via check. Both Full and Day Pass registration checks are to be made payable to California Monument Association. Please send checks to 

California Monument Association 3 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Where is the conference held?

The location is the Mission Inn Riverside Ca, Hands on is Sun City Granite Perris, Ca.

How do I reserve a room?

Please visit the Hotel & Restaurants page on our site to book your room directly through the hotel.

Does everyone who attends the show have to register and pay the fees?

Yes. No one is allowed into the display or the program until they have registered. Name badges are required for all events.

Where do I send my registration information?

Registration can be sent to:California Monument Association 3 N Milpas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103