Santa Barbara Monumental Co.

Address: 3 N. Milpas Street  Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Phone: (805) 966-7373    (805) 564-8296 fax

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Jed and Debbie Hendrickson

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Santa Barbara Monumental is one of only two California members of the American Institute of Commemorative Art, a group dedicated to creative and artistic memorials. Membership is by invitation-only. We are also active in Monument Builders of North America and the California Monument Association. We subscribe to their codes of good practice.

On our staff is California’s first Certified Memorialist. The Monument Builders of North America grants this certification to those memorialists that demonstrate a high level of knowledge of the principals and practices associated with the memorial profession.

Santa Barbara Monumental is a family owned business, founded in 1931 by Al Hendrickson. Mr. Hendrickson’s grandson, Jed Hendrickson, CM, AICA has been president of Santa Barbara Monumental for over twenty years.

People have occasionally asked about our name, Santa Barbara Monumental. We are not a “monumental” company in size but the term monumental actually refers to stone quarried specifically for monuments. We have often thought about changing the name but after 85 years, we think we’ll keep it.