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Riverside, CA 2016

26th Annual Joint Convention between the CMA & PNMBA Riverside, California March 10th – March 12th

On behalf of the California Monument Association, we would like to Thank You for attending the 26th Annual Joint Convention between the CMA & PNMBA in Riverside, California.

The CMA Education was well worth the price of admission and taking the day off from your business, if you could not make it this is what you missed; Stonespot order tracking system, Rayzist Photomask,  Sandhandler sandblast system, Panhead polishing, Scratch and Chip Repair, Refurbishing Techniques on repainting a sanded panel in 10 minutes and other demonstrating and question were answered.  Awesome lunch from a Taco Truck.  The weather was a bit chilly at 75 degrees.

We hope that you all enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all at the next one!

 Message from Bob Mattos 

      Words cannot explain my gratitude for your generous gifts and kind words at the closing banquet on Saturday night in Riverside. It was the largest attended meeting in years, with over 80 members registered. I hope in some small way we were able to make CMA better and stronger. As most associations are getting smaller; CMA is getting larger. This can only be accomplished by member’s like you. Remember, this is your association. Being active and attending meetings can only make it stronger. My congratulations to President Joe and the new board

Special thanks to our Sponsors; Coldspring GraniteE.G.AMarinexMcCarthy GraniteMiles SupplyParadise Pictures,Precious Souvenirand Sun City Granite for opening their shop and to Joe, Teresa, Katrina, Kevin, and Vince for the valuable information they shared.

Visalia, CA 2011

To finish off the year was our CMA meeting in Visalia, CA at the Marriott and Visalia Granite. I didn’t have to travel but I promise you, it cost a lot of money just to clean this place up and get ready for the big day. We had a wonderful educational session with hammers, chisels, pneumatic tools, polishing tools and pieces of granite being propelled every where. Meetings went well and I think all agreed the food was terrific. And if you missed the hospitality suite you made a big mistake. Bobby Mattos and his ever so charming new bride Amanda made some of the greatest finger food and hos d’oeuvre’s. Dinner not required after eating all the samplings. Amanda now has a permanent place in CMA, hospitality catering.

Portland, OR

Portland was an outstanding program not to mention the sights, sounds and rain that Oregon has to offer. I believe the joint convention was a great success. Starting with checking into the beautiful Embassy Suites Downtown, golfing in partial rain at a terrific golf course, wonderful hospitality suite, great educational sessions, a bus trip to Oregon Memorials, (impressive), and enough good food and drink to last a week. Wish more of our members could attend.

Long Beach California Cruise Ship

March 2014 Education meeting some classes but much more relaxing we all realized that we have been going non stop for years sometimes it nice just to hang out with friends great time. Ron I hope you got your invitation with dancing with the stars

Portland Or

2013 Oregon Memorials hosted a great trip. Demonstrated how to do final dates in the rain and some great educational seminar thanks again.

San Diego

March 2012

Table top displays from Vendors