Mulherin Monumental Headstone company makes emotional donation

Mulherin Monumental Headstone company makes emotional donation

El Centro

Headstone company makes emotional donation

Local family gets a welcome surprise

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EL CENTRO, Calif. – A local company donated a headstone to the family of a baby boy that died just day after being born, after learning that the family’s money had been robbed from their vehicle.On Monday we reported the family was victim of a robbery. The mother, Daveena Erunez, shared with us her purse was stolen from her car. She said inside the purse she had gift cards, personal documents and $3,900. Erunez said she planned to use that money to buy her baby boy a headstone.

Joe Mulherin, owner of “Mulherin Monumental” in El Centro, heard the family’s story and decided to help cover the cost of the baby’s headstone.Mulherin said when he heard their story he sympathized with the family and didn’t think twice about helping them. Mulherin said, “To have all those things and then looking at closure to go buy a headstone and then someone takes your money I just thought that was so unfortunate and I couldn’t let that go so we decided to extend a hand and help where we could.”

Erunez said, “I’ve always said that to always hold on to the good and this is the good. This is definitely the good that we can all be.”Mulherin says they hope to have the headstone ready before the holidays.